Whiteline Front Control Arm Bushings (Lower/Inner/Front): Scion FR-S 2013-2016; Toyota 86 2017-2018; Subaru BRZ 2013-2018

Whiteline Front Control Arm Bushings (Lower/Inner/Front): Scion FR-S 2013-2016; Toyota 86 2017-2018; Subaru BRZ 2013-2018

Part # KCA434

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Short Description

13-16 Scion FR-S; 17-18 Toyota 86; 13-18 Subaru BRZ Whiteline Front Control Arm Bushings (Lower/Inner/Front) Whiteline KCA434. Whiteline Lower Inner Front Control Arm Bushings now available. These Lower Inner Bushings are "Anti-Dive" & also feature + .5 degrees caster correction!



13-16 Scion FR-S
17-18 Toyota 86
13-18 Subaru BRZ


Whiteline Anti Dive Kit is designed to add 0.5 deg static positive caster to both front wheels while changing the nature of front anti-dive & lift. These low compliance bushings also maintain higher dynamic positive castor & change the front control arm geometry that positively influences front suspension attitude. This leads to superior traction under power and braking, including cornering, dramatically reducing understeer & front wheel spin. The additional caster coupled with the new firmer bushings supplied serve to dramatically sharpen initial turn-in response then forcing more consistent alignment angles through the corner due to the reduced bushing compliance.

Camber is the inclination of the wheel from the vertical when viewed from the front. When the top of the wheel leans out you have positive camber, lean in equals negative camber. Static negative camber is used to compensate for body roll, body distortion and tire roll under when cornering.

Caster is the backward or forward tilt of the steering axis. Vehicle manufacturers are aware of the advantages of caster and as each new model is released the amount of caster specified increases. High levels of positive caster equate to dynamic negative camber on turn when you need it most. Whiteline continues to put heavy emphasis on additional positive caster when designing new suspension packages.

Adds +0.5? caster + anti-dive

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Part #: KCA434
Brand: Whiteline
Availability Remarks: NORMALLY SHIPS IN 24-48 HOURS
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